Building biz online (gh)

Hi!! I’m experiencing resistance to building my business online because of fear of exposing myself to the World Wide Web in front of strangers I can’t see. Feels vulnerable and scary. Saying this Sounds so dumb but it’s true lol, and it literally creates inaction.

I traced the fear back to the possible source of growing up in the 80’s when kidnapping and don’t talk to strangers was a huge thing at the time. Even when I was a teen, when I walked with my grand mom, she would hook her arm through mine and wouldn’t let me walk a foot away from her.

I’m likable so most people can be drawn to me. My fear is that I will attract someone dangerous? (Again sounds ridiculous because there are millions of people safely doing biz online)

I would like to get rid of this fear yet still remain cautious if that’s even possible. I tried some models but they still didn’t eliminate the fear. Any suggestions on how I can get past this? Then build online safely and fearlessly? For real?

Thank you in advance.