Building Coaching Business with Kids and Husband at home

I’ve been building my coaching business actively since January. I had several clients and had been fairly consistently making offers and trying things to build my email list, get clients.

With Covid-19 and stay at home orders, the kids are now home all day and my husband is working from home. I have a couple of hours a day that we’ve agreed he’ll be on kid duty, so I can work. But I’ve found myself feeling reluctant and hesitant. I finally noticed I’m having the thought that I shouldn’t try too hard to get clients because with such limited work time, I wouldn’t be able many clients and with such limited availability it will be hard to find appointment times that work for clients.
I talked to my husband this morning and asked him what we could do if I did get several new clients and need to work more and have different availability. Would he be able to flex his schedule or work less. He readily said yes, so I made some offers today and started advertising a mini-course.

I find I’m still feeling reluctant and still thinking I don’t have enough time and I realized I’m also concerned that if I do ask him to shift his schedule, he’ll be overwhelmed and stressed and complaining about how he doesn’t have time to do his personal stuff and it’s so unfair that I get to do work that I enjoy. (This is a common recurring pattern of his throughout our relationship, so I’m fairly certain it will happen).

Do I try to get him to put in writing what hours he’s willing to work, how he’s willing to shift his day in order for me to grow my business? I kind of feel like if I had a ‘contract’ of sorts, I might be able to enforce it . 🙂 Ugh. I know I just have to deal with the discomfort if he does start the complaining. But if he refuses to watch the kids, I’d have to cancel coaching appointments or potentially leave the kids upstairs watching TV and hope they don’t come looking for me and interrupt appointments (which would be unprofessional, and I’d be a little distracted and wondering about them during appointments). My kids are young and one has a developmental disability, so they don’t understand not interrupting and it’s not the greatest to leave them alone for long periods of time. My mind is really telling me the solution is just to put coaching on hold until they can go back to childcare/school.