Building Training Programs from start to finish

HI Brooke,

I love all of your training programs! I’m touching base because I also build training programs for a living at my corporate job. I run the coaching and mentorship programs for facebook, and I develop trainings for mentors, coaches and managers to help them be more effective as they work with the people they are supporting to reach higher goals.

Often I build out a training program based on the research and info i have at the time of the problems and what people need to be educated on through the trainings. I’ve noticed that after I build a training program program and running it for a few months, I get a clearer and clearer picture of the issues and confusions that people actually face from running the classes and answering peoples questions. The reality of what majority of people are actually confused about and struggling with at the time is always a bit different than my original understanding. Then I go back to beginning and change processes to make them make more sense, and i tweak the trainings to make them clearer, more succient, and focus on educating what’s most impactful.

When you build a training it seems to last for a long time and it has relevancy. I noticed your pod cast format seems relatively similar from beginning to end (besides that the old episodes were like 30 to 40 min and now they are like less than 20). How do you build trainings that don’t need to be changed and updated and are still relevant after a few years?? Had you just life coached for so long that you just know THAT MUCH and your stuff holds up the test of time? Surely once you started scholars you learned more about problems that people commonly face that you didn’t realize existed… do you pivot once you have more info and knowledge AFTER you’ve done the work and built a training program?