Business Call With Lauren

I was coached by Lauren Cash on how to be more clear about the result my niche is getting. She suggested trying to create 2 models, one where they are now and the future model where they’d like to be or after we work together.

My niche is active women tired of obsessing about food, diets, and their body. They want to stop feeling guilty after eating something and constantly thinking about how to burn off extra calories.

Here are my models I’ve been trying to create based things I’ve heard women in this niche say.

Before working together model:

C: Finished bag of granola bites in 8hrs
T: Why can’t I be like normal people and just have 2 pieces
F: Guilt
A: spin about ways to try and burn off the “calories”
R: Feel more disconnected and out of control around sugar

C: Body size
T: I should be thinner to look fitter, I can’t call myself an athlete at this weight
F: failure, shame
A: try another diet
R: unable to maintain diet and regain or gain more weight

After working with me or the result and feeling they desire:

C: Granola bites in the house
T: I trust myself to eat an amount that’s satisfying
F: Confidence
A: grab bites when they sound good
R: Only think about food when there’s hunger or craving then move on (I think this needs work)

(more general)

C: Meal out with friends
T: I trust my body’s signals and know how to fuel it
F: confident
A: quickly make meal decisions
R: Be fully present with friends

I think I might not be doing this as she intended so wondering how to adjust the models?