Business/Career Advice

I have a question regarding my career/business. My dream career is to be a life coach, speaker, author, blogger, entrepreneur, etc.. I would love to make an impact and I know that it’s possible to make a career out of all these things because other people have done it.

I started a blog months ago and the traffic & email list have been growing, which is exciting! However, I haven’t monetized it yet (although I would like to). I do have a few affiliate products here and there, but I haven’t gone all-in, so it makes sense that I haven’t made money from the blog yet. And I’m okay with that for the moment…

However, part of me really wants to do life coaching too and I think my existing blog would be a great platform for life coaching (since the topics are related) I know I can leverage life coaching & the blog.

My question is, which would be a better option to focus on right now?

Should I focus on growing the blog and monetizing it or should I invest in life coaching certification so I can gain valuable & marketable skills that would differentiate me from others & be able to coach/provide results to people?

Option 1: Growing the blog and monetizing it would allow me to increase my income & then I could pay for life coaching certification more easily

Option 2: Investing in life coaching would give me valuable skills where I can grow a successful business and use the blog as a platform to scale even more

Do you have any advice on which would be a better choice?