Business coach

Hey Brooke, I’m feeling really stuck right now. I have created my website, some content and have prepared for marketing myself a life coach for women who need to shift their mindset and take action to create the life they want. The problem is when people ask me questions about their business or wanting to start a business I feel like that is my area of skill. Like it comes so natural for me to focus more on business, giving guidance and tips on building a business, email list, courses etc. But the thing is I’ve never created a course or anything like that! I am just working on building up to more one-on-one clients. I’ve always been good with marketing and PR, and even dipped my toe in the public relations world in the past. I don’t feel like I have any “proof” that shows my skills in the area of building a business. My question is, can I market myself as a business coach simply because I enjoy studying that area, and coming up with ideas/strategies and motivating business owners to make it happen… when I haven’t ran a successful life coaching business yet? I always assumed I needed a year or more of consistent clients as a life coach before teaching others how to start a business. Thanks for your guidance!