Business Coaching Investment

I have the opportunity to join a program to help me scale my online business.

At $8950 it would be the largest business investment I’ve made.

I am having a lot of thoughts that are creating fear. I do not want to make a decision from that feeling.

I am having thoughts about the past and programs I have invested in and not completed which make me feel irresponsible and that I should not spend the money on this program.

I also have thoughts that this program is exciting, it sounds like a great fit, it’s exactly what I need to take my business to the next level.
I keep cycling back and forth between these two types of thoughts and am having trouble making a decision.

C $8950 program
T This will help me go to the next level
F Excitement
A Enroll
R Take business to next level

C $8950 program
T That’s expensive I can’t make it back
F Fear
A Don’t enroll
R Try to figure it out on my own, Might or might not make more revenue.

Help on cleaning up these models please, I’m not sure they’re aligned.