..business communities ..

I have a lot of mental drama about some of the local communities, and their leaders I engage with. I feel like I need to be in the communities for my business, but I don’t like their ethos, their views, and they are so different to what I believe and follow, or from what we learn in CCP & scholars. I also feel so resentful looking at what the heck people are following these people for, I can help them so much better. I can change their life.

They are based on people pleasing the leaders. If you don’t schmooze them, you don’t get highlighted or awarded.

But I am not doing that. And indulging in this. How do I shift my thinking around this & balance what I need from these communities, to be a good member who doesn’t judge or at least not feel bitter & resentful.

Part of the frustration is I know these are my thoughts & judgements. But navigating this feels difficult at times.

Thank you