Business Decisions and the Model

I currently own 2 businesses. One is a service based business – providing support to our local community. I have a team of employees who DO the work. I am the visionary and the marketer. I have been making over 180K consistently but profitability is under 30% due to expenses.

Things keep becoming more and more difficult running this business. In the past 2 weeks 2 of my team have given their notice because they’ve found jobs that fit their needs more.

I have another business – I coach other start ups businesses like mine to reach 100k and beyond. Profitability is > 50%.

I get joy out of both. But when things really hit the fan in the service side of what i do – I look at things and wonder if it’s just time to lovingly close that biz down? But then the idea of doing so doesn’t feel 100% congruent. Same if I think the idea of staying and seeing things through ( so for this time it would be needing to hire 2 new team members ).

When I meditate or sit on the Q – I see an image of myself sitting in the middle of a teeter totter – swaying back and forth.

What would be the best way to use the model when you’re considering decisions in your business ( or your life too for that matter )

I tried it as follows:
C My Business
T Maybe it’s time to close up
F Unsure
A Not sure what to do – stay in InAction
R Don’t decide

I also tried it this way:

C My Biz
T Everything feels complicated right now
F Confused
A Not sure what action to take ( stay in InAction )
R stay confused

I understand that I’m capable making either decision and that I have the option “to ask myself: If either choice would work out perfectly, which one would you choose right now?” ( as noted in another person’s Q+A below ) — Even this Q doesnt provide me with a congruent answer.

Can you help point out how best to use the model here AND anything I’m overlooking …