Business Idea – Making it a Reality

I have been working on my business in the health and wellness space for a few years but in the past few weeks, I have had an epiphany of sorts. I know exactly what product I want to offer, how I want it to look, the vibe, etc. I’m so excited about this idea.

There is a woman I follow in the fitness space that launched a fitness class as soon as the pandemic hit and I was reading an interview with her and she said something like, “I rebranded my fitness class overnight because I knew I needed to stand out in a saturated market.”

I don’t know anything about her finances (whether or not she has had investment) but her brand looks so polished and her product is so simple and streamlined. When I launch my new product I want my brand to have the professional cohesiveness that hers has but I am a one-woman show and my thoughts are that I don’t have the money right now to hire help to create this polished vision. I am going back and forth between two thought patterns:

1. Just go for it, make it happen, find the money, hire whoever you need to get the product out in the world, the health and wellness space is crowded so you need to go big or go home.

2. It’s a process, it won’t look how you want it to at first and that’s ok, you will hire someone to rebrand later, etc.

Basically, I want to go big or go home but I don’t have the resources to do that right now (or is “lacking resources” just a thought?). I want to use paid advertising to market my product straight away, but I am pretty sure that I won’t’ attract my ideal customer if it doesn’t look sleek and branded (I’m my own target market, and I’m not attracted to services that don’t look a certain way-for better or worse). Please help! Thank you!