Business Identify – personal name,company name, or program name

I would like some advice regarding ‘who’ my business is. I guess this would fall under the subject heading of branding. The enterprise in question is my new life coaching business, targeted at helping successful professional middle-aged men solve their anger problem.

My name is Greg Lee
My domain is
My Facebook page (for launching ads) is Life of Presence with Greg Lee
My program is named Anger Mastery.

Of my dozen or so subscribers to my email list (via FB ads requesting opt-in for a freebie), none have opened the subsequent emails. I realized that I had Aweber set up so that the ‘from’ was Greg Lee – I can imagine that subscribers had no idea who that was and hence didn’t open the mails.

I’m questioning whether my business identity should emphasize Life of Presence, Greg Lee, or Anger Mastery, or some combination of those.

I’m assuming that I should be consistent across different platforms. I don’t want to change the domain of course, but should my FB page and the ‘from’ in my autoresponder be identical?