Business in four languages and choosing a strategy

I’ve been building for the last 2 year a successful business in French. I speak also Spanish, English, and Italian.

I want to develop my business also in the other languages. In my opinion, Italy is not the best market, but it is in my heart to help people there.

I decided to start this strategy : 4 week in month = a video in each language a week. I’ve create freebies, and I want to use ads.

I can coach in each language, and I also have mp3 hypnosis. I will develop my visibility in English, Spanish, Italian, and continue selling more in French.

I am always doubting my strategy. I ask myself if it is a good strategy, if it is too much, if it’s a good idea to doing it in this way.  Or should I focus just in French and Spanish for the moment.

I never really start to do it because i’m afraid to lose energy and time. But my big dream and goal is to coach and teach around the world. I really want to start an international business.