Business Indecision: How to Get Clarity?

Hi there,
I have a 16 year real estate business that I am turning my passion for it On and OFF. Anyhow, I know the passion is created by my thoughts but mostly I feel that it’s time to retire from it but the scare is that this what I know and been doing forever and I know it in my sleep, and I have the credentials for it and I’ve been known for it, and to start all over again at 51?! My husband is ready to retire but I’am not, now id my time.
Anyhow, I am still committed to reach my revenue goal till the end of this year but still $ 77K short.
When this is not really an impossible goal for me because I’ve reached it before multiple times before, it feels like it because I tried to get out of this business once and worked somewhere for 4 years, then came back because I’ve learned that 9-5 is not working for me. Hustled my to $ 100K again and took away for an year last year… and now it feels like I am starting all over again. And even that I keep doing what I’ve planned to help me reach my goal, I think at the same time I am self sabotaging myself with thoughts like:

“This (going in and out of the current business) to me is enough evidence that probably I need to start fresh with the new biz but the current biz is how I make my living, but it takes a lot of time because it needs to be taken care as a business.”
” This business is just a way I currently make a living and as soon as my new business picks up(this is still in the air), I’m out. I’ll just leave it on autopilot and if somebody calls I’ll help them, if not I’ll start working on my new thing.”
“Should I continue spending money for marketing on this business when I know that I want to start something new?”
“Should I invest these money in this business for marketing or go ahead and start the new business now? If I already know that I want to do it, why wait more and not start today?”
” Maybe I should get a temporary job to make me a living and work on my new business on the side.”

What I am thinking and gets me really excited is about this new venture which I don’t know if it will bring me $$$ but how do I know if I don’t get clarity what exactly I’ll do virtually and put myself out there.

I felt in love with online marketing while learning new things to implement in my own business and really enjoying to work independently, communicating mostly via chat , email or text. I want to create a new 100% online business selling digital products for real estate agents or bilingual solopreneurs or something like that. This is my dream business.

So, I am On and Off and probably that’s why I am not reaching my goal.

What exercise/routine I should do on a daily basis to help me get clarity, so I can make a decision and move forward. Because now it feels like my brain is on 2 different continents and cannot focus at the One THING. I am back and forward…
I must find which one is it and put my whole energy in there in order to work but how to make a decision???

Thank you for all you do.