Business LAUNCHED! People are Registering for my Program!

This is not a question, but a THANK YOU to you and Suzy for your support with helping me refine my niche of coaching women in leadership roles of nonprofit organizations; and to the fabulous Janet for talking me off the ledge and through the model earlier this month and reminding me why I’m starting a business. I had been indulging in overwhelm and playing small instead of managing my mind.

I am so excited to announce that I officially launched my business yesterday, and leaders of nonprofit organizations have begun registering for my program! I HAVE CLIENTS! Several others have expressed an interest in working with me and are signing up for mini-sessions, including a woman who doesn’t even work in the nonprofit sector! (Um, of COURSE I’ll coach outside my niche!) Thank you!!

I am present to how this is happening because I’ve gotten in action this month to attain my impossible goal, AND because I am recognizing and cleaning up disempowering thoughts on a regular basis. THANK YOU for creating this program and engaging these powerful women as coaches. Because of you, I intend to reach leaders of at least 100 nonprofit organizations in 2018 and will support them in developing resources to attain their missions of feeding hungry people, sheltering the homeless, creating art, rescuing animals, and eliminating violence. The impact of your work is viral and LIFE ALTERING. Thank you for what you do and who you are. ♡