Business model – EV

Hey Brooke,

So I’m thinking about launching my 6 week weight loss program sometime in January or February.

Here’s my idea

People get on my email list by opting in to a freebie via Facebook Ads, Instagram Community, Facebook groups— Conquer Your Cravings Road Map.

Then they go through an email sequence inviting them to a mini call

For the people that don’t join my program in the mini call —I’ll do a follow up sequence.

For those still hanging back — I’m also going to come back at them with a free webinar — how to lose weight without dieting, counting or losing your mind — and actually keep it off. (Still working on the name)

Than after the webinar — follow up with those that haven’t signed up.

I want to price it at either $349 or $497 for the 6 weeks.

I’m still new at coaching so I’m not confident enough to sell it higher than that.

Overall goal is 100k by the end of next year.

How does that model look ?