Business model – products/services (BL)

In the Business Model video in How to Be an Entrepreneur, Brooke talks about doing the math of how many products and services you have to sell at what price point to hit your quarterly (and annual) goals.
I’m a copywriter and writing coach, and I’m considering having several different products/services available for people to purchase.
For example:
-Writing the copy for a whole website – $700
-Writing copy for a sales page: $150
-A program on Creating Compelling Copy Consistently: $997
-a 6-week private coaching program where I help people create what they want to write: $1200
So, I’d then do the math of how many of each I’d want to sell to have a balanced work portfolio and meet my income goals.
Does this make sense? Or should I be picking one or two and focusing solely on them? Or, picking two smaller offers to start, building a client base, and then ramping up from there?
Thank you!