Business Niche confusion

These are C’s

I made 70k as a career coach in the last calendar year.

My current and past clients are/have been from different industries:

Data scientist,
site reliability engineer,
a biotech specialist etc.
A salesforce administrator,
a hotel cleaning lady lol
An assistant Principle at a school
A software development Engineer
A Director of Marketing
A project manager
A business Analyst

I have a youtube channel with almost 6k subscribers.

THOUGHTS about my next steps:

I feel like I have built my business backwards.

I’ve made money based on who comes to me and who finds me on youtube and schedules a call with me.

Brooke has said that I am not focusing on one particular person and I’m just trying to make sense of all the people who have come to me and that is a big mistake because I won’t be able to scale this way.

Stacey Boehman has said I don’t need a niche (in the beginning) and I just need to get making money.

I believe it makes sense to focus in on one subset of people so that I can speak to them specifically and directly and scale as I can market to them specifically.

I am feeling confused because I don’t necessarily want to narrow to 1 specific industry but it seems to be the best strategy to do.

My long term goal is to build a membership site at a low monthly price point, (like Jody Moore’s for example) down the road and coach on different topics, career, weight, life and business etc.

I’m not sure what my Specific person is or how I find them or who they are and how that would tie into my longterm goal of a membership site. What are your thoughts on my next steps?