Business partner challenges

I sometimes go back and forth about if I want to keep moving forward with my business partner. The reason I feel slightly concerned is because…

1) I am bringing in my audience I built before from another business and my partner isn’t really bringing in any leads to the table. I could technically offer services to my current audience on my own.

2) partner likes to spend money on things I don’t feel we need yet. Tends to think the next purchase will be the “next big thing” and has been wrong many times

3) partner is very visionary which is good sometimes but a lot of times it holds up the show from moving forward with our plan due to new ideas or wanting to try new things.

At the same time, I will say my partner has the following pros:
1) Very likable and good on sales calls
2) Understanding some of the tech stuff I don’t understand
3) Good at adding coaching value to clients when needed
4) Big thinker so sometimes sees future things I don’t see

I feel frustrated that partner just wants to use my audience for now. What I wanted was for us to both bring clients to the table, especially because I am taking on more expenses than I’d have if I was on my own in my own business. I don’t know how to bring this up to partner without sounding rude.

Would love some thoughts about how you either line up with your partner’s quirks (I know I have quirks too) or weigh the pros and cons of moving forward on my own.