Business Partner – Impossible Goal – New Thoughts

Hi Brooke,

December’s work has uncovered some really new feelings for me regarding my business partner… ones I did not anticipate! We’ve been 50-50 partners for 6 years and overall done great work together. My impossible goal for 2018 is to make 200k myself in our business (i.e. my taxable take-home pay + shareholder’s distributions).

The thoughts I’ve had for most of our 6-year partnership is something along the lines of … “she’s better at this than me… she does more work than me… she enjoys this more than I do… this business would not work without her, etc.”

Now that I’m working on achieving my impossible goal, my perspective is totally shifting to new thoughts. Most result in feelings that are excited, confident, etc. But some new ones are coming up that are negative… “I can do this without her. I don’t need to lean on her like I have been. Her people-pleasing is getting in the way.”

It’s weird. I typically feel a lot of guilt around the fact that she: works more hours, is more client-facing, has a reliable schedule (I have a young child). But now, thinking about achieving my new goal, I feel a new power & control that I’m tapping into. And my mind is swirling with thoughts like “she’s gonna hold me back.” IT FEELS SO WEIRD!

I recognize these feel indulgent and ultimately not helpful. Should I continue to just do models and let them be?

Thank you,