business partnership ending

I’ve had a 50-50 partner in my business for 8 years. She is dealing with a massive amount of grief after the loss of her mom, and sort of abruptly has decided that she no longer wants to be in business. I have a lot of very opposing feelings and am trying to figure out the healthiest course of action as I move forward. I love her, she is my friend, and she is going through a tough time.

I also am really pissed off and frustrated that she has been lying to me about her true feelings, booking and attending potential client meetings, spending money on our marketing, etc. when the business is basically about to close.

I want to start a new company, with a new name/brand, and embark in a healthy (not knee-jerk) journey into being a solopreneur. But I have lots of feelings of anger and confusion and I’m worried it’s clouding my judgement.

I’m trying to do lots of thought downloads to unload my thoughts – the good and bad here. The compassionate ones and the ones where I feel like things are happening to me… aka emotional childhood.

I’d love some perspective on next steps.