Business Plateau – P & L Not favorable

My business grew very fast in my first two years. Toward the end of year 2 (2021), the #’s were favoring additional team members and resources, especially to align with my 1M dollar goal for 2022. And then December of 2021 happened and it was one of my worst months as a business owner which then set me behind financially heading into 2022.

I did a lot of thought work around it and continued looking forward trying not to focus on what was… but the facts are that financially, it feels hard right now. January was OK, but never my best month and I’m still trying to hold the space for what’s possible. But my expenses (team and ads) are set for the future projection (working with CFO) and currently, I’m not tracking. I had just enough to pay my team in January and February already feels hard (launching and not getting results).

I think there’s a deeper self-sabotage game going on because there’s been several times in the past that I’ll hit my stride and then I’ll totally stall out. But I can’t pinpoint what that would be. I’m very good at what I do, I’m a very good leader, I know how to analyze the data and have an idea what’s coming, but the last few months, I’ve been totally off.

I have been doing thought downloads and models every day around this. Noticing things like fearful thoughts of having to get rid of my team and the fact that there’s no way I’ll hit a million, etc… and retraining myself to think in alignment with where I’m going but it’s the conflict of THINKING I’m thinking the right thoughts and the results not coming. It’s one of the most challenging spots to be in (if I’m being honest) to wonder if I will be able to pay my team. Ugh.

My question is…how do I figure out what my thought error is that’s causing the results? Because right now, it just feels like everything is not going my way (and that’s a thought, I know, lol) but the last few launches I’ve had, I go into it with high possibility, high energy, doing my thing… and it totally flops. What do I do next?