Business + Spouse Employee

Hey Brooke! So my partner and I have had 2 separate companies for quite a while now – and we’ve decided that it makes more sense for him to come work for me in my new coaching business, since he’s got the web design and tech skills that are slowing me down – and I have the content and marketing skills that has been a wall for him in his business. We think we can do much better together than apart.

However, my partner wants 2 things that seem at odds. First – he wants to be a “partner” in this new business (meaning, he wants to be co-owner) and Second – he does NOT want both our names to be listed on corporate docs anywhere – just in case people see we’re not only business partners, but also life partners. I suggested I just run the biz under my personal name and he can be (highly paid) as an “employee” – but now we’re into “subservient” dynamics. I’d let HIM be the owner of the company and just be the talent – but it seems weird having the company be my personal name and not an owner.

LOL – I’m trying to meet LOTS of requirements here that seem at odds. Any insight into what coaches do when they work with spouses. Feels like the dynamic of “spouse as employee” is dicey if the spouse feels like they’re “less than” the owner. Thanks!