Business strategy in your certified program

Hi Brooke,

Will you ever offer coach training for just learning the tools without the business portion?

I ask because I’m wondering how you guys take care of people who are already running a running a coaching business but want to dive deeper into your specific coaching tools.

Would you provide more advanced business strategy for that specific person?

The last info call I watched about coach training explained how you help with the starting the business and taking those necessary first steps to get up and running.

(Wish I had that before I went off and learned it all on my own – would’ve saved me so many hours lol)

But if I’ve already got my funnels, website, program, freebies and webinars created and things like that – how can I take full advantage of the business portion when I’ve got all that created? Of course there is always room for improvement and clearing up messaging.

Just wanted to know if you help coaches who already have a business set up since it seems like this is geared for coaches who don’t – at least the business portion of it.

Thank you 🙂