Business Targets

I was offered a position in a new firm and had to decide between two models of partnership/compensation with different targets.

Model 1 was to join as non-equity partner with a turnover revenue of USD 1.2m over a time span of 3-5 years; not really a set time frame but the promise of being made equity partner upon reaching that turnover.

Model 2 was to join directly as equity partner with the target of generating a turnover of USD 1m in 2 years. In case I do not reach that goal, then I would be retrograded to non-equity or be asked to leave.

Guess which option I went for?

You bet, Model 2 I said and now I am freaking out, not least because I made zero in Q1.

I now think it was a mistake and that I went ahead of myself, that I should come back onto my decision because if I stick to it, either I will have to overwork/overstress to reach that goal or fall into depression or shame that I don’t reach it or all of the above.

Can you help me figure out whether I should stick with my decision at the risk of not being able to deliver or reconsider and “go solo” with less pressure / ambitious goal?