Business with friends (or lack thereof)

I have a friend who I’ve always thought she intentionally didn’t support my business and / or maybe even was “jealous” for lack of a better term. (Also, to clarify, in my opinion “support” doesn’t have to equal a sale, but simply encouraging, sharing with others, etc.)

Anyway, a quick example: whenever I would talk about my accomplishments, she would quickly change the topic (in a group setting). Although I thought it was odd, I’d try to brush it off and carry on the conversation even though it hurt my feelings a little. Then a friend complimented me on my weight loss (from my products and workouts I offer)…. and she quickly dismissed it saying “30lbs? I hardly even noticed to be honest.😕” ouch.

So fast forward a couple of months, my friend tells me she wants to lose weight. I of course, offer her the program I’ve been doing to get results. She declined. And then declined again 2 months later.

And now today, I visit her and what do I see in her pantry? Yep, you guessed it! A supplement that’s comes with the program I do. I feel hurt. I don’t want to take it personally, but I do/am. If I’m honest, it’s almost like she intentionally didn’t sign up to work with me. It feels like she doesn’t want to contribute to any “success” I might have. I can’t think of any other reason she would decline my offer and then order shortly after via someone else. I mostly think that since as I mentioned previously, she never wanted to acknowledge or congratulate me on any achievements.

C- friend purchased product through someone else
T- that’s rude, we are friends – she knows she can sign up with me as I’ve offered it serveral times.
F- hurt
A- indulge in self-pity. Over analyze.
R- waste time over analyzing and (to be honest) question our friendship. I don’t want to surround myself with catty women if I’m completely honest.

I would support her business in any way I could! Which is why this is rubbing me the wrong way.