BUT what about when we are 99% sure it really is the C?! What if there really isn’t enough time?

I really want to get more clients in my coaching business. I want to help more people and make more money as a coach. I find myself constantly “running out of time.” I know you’ll say that’s a thought I need to challenge- so please bare with me as I bore you with my C:

Current Schedule Mon-Fri:
5:45-7:30am, workout and shower, get ready for work
7:30-7:50 commute to work
8-4:30 work at hospital
4:30-5 commute home.
5-8:30, say hi to 3 kids (1, 4, and 5 year old). My hubby works evenings so it’s my “shift” in the PM. I cook dinner, maybe 30
Min to one hour of play time with them, bath/ bed time routine, clean up kitchen, do a load of laundry.
9:00-10:00 – honestly, a blurry hour. Shower myself, food prep for following day, return emails or text messages.
10:00 tell myself I’ll go to bed since I want to get up earlier than 5:45 for quiet time and to work on scholars homework.
Realistically fall asleep about 11:00-11:30 after random online activities (IG stories, returning messages, googling things, paying bills etc).

I don’t watch TV. I genuinely feel like I don’t “waste time,” so I’m having a hard time (based on my results) creating more time to work my business.

I’ll try to make offers or create content while I’m taking care of my kids- but honestly, it makes me feel like a half ass mom and a half ass business owner as I’m not fully present in either role. I’ve also tried putting the kids to sleep a little earlier and work at night around 9pm, but then my tired ass will accidentally fall asleep in my chair ! Ugh!

I’ll be so mad at myself when I wake up. I’ll then try to be kind and say “it’s ok, you were tired- you’re pregnant with baby #4, give yourself a break- you can do more work today.” But then….. the work doesn’t get done AGAIN. I’ll feel defeated over and over and it goes back to my thought of “not enough time.”

I am not wanting to argue for my limitations nor indulge in confusion. I also do not want to use having a full time job and being a mom to keep me from achieving my goals. Can you help me?