Buying into a business

A friend of a friend is wanting to semi-retire and I would love to buy into her business or the like. This business has been her life’s work and I’d love a scenario where she gets to have exactly the semi-retirement that she wants, and I get to help the ppl her business serves and her, and we all generate plenty of money. I really want to amp up the thoughts and feelings I’m having as I prepare for conversations with her.

When I’m feeling less than stellar, this is my model:

C: semi-retirement
T: she’s been so successful and could have anyone be her business partner; she won’t want to go into business with me
F: silly for thinking this could be a possibility
A: I don’t practice my empowering thoughts and beliefs
R: I’m less prepared for the convos

New model:

C: semi-retirement
T: Part of the value I bring to her and her business is my ability to manage and optimize my mind
F: Excited
A: I practice new thoughts and beliefs with tons of emotion
R: I effervesce during the convos with her

I wanna pull out all the stops! What are other thoughts / beliefs that would help me get into a helpful mindset in a situation that definitely feels like an Impossible Goal? Thank you!!