Can I choose a target market that I’m not 100% part of?

I have a coaching business question. I am a new coach at the beginning stage of my coaching business ($0 in revenue so far) and I am going through the Entrepreneurship Course in the Study Vault.

My niche is helping tech leaders become top 10% performers while working 10 hours less per week and feeling more mentally clear and physically energized than they’ve felt in years.

I have worked with leaders in tech before and have had my own e-commerce company, but I haven’t been a tech executive before, which will likely be the main target market. I have an unconscious thought that since I haven’t been a tech executive before, I don’t have the authority to help them or that they won’t trust me. I followed the process myself to get the results I’m offering, but in a slightly different context, as an entrepreneur.

I guess I’m curious if you recommend that coaches only choose a target market that they are directly part of, or have you seen coaches achieve success in target markets they themselves aren’t a part of?

Hope the question was clear and made sense.