Can I have two niches?

I worked for years in IT as project manager and those PM’s can seriously use some coaching. And the model would help them so much with managing themselves, their project teams, their stakeholders. Seriously wish I had had the model when I was a PM.

Anyway, I had already decided on my niche – Moms of Developmentally Disabled Kids. Which I’m excited about and have started building community, etc.

A large project management professional organization has reached out earlier this week and asked me to create a webinar and some content for them. This would definitely be easy for me and would also have lots of opportunity to be well paid. I have the thought that it’s easier for people to pay for coaching when they can get their employers to pay for it.

I feel more emotionally connected to Moms of Developmentally Disabled kids because I am one and I know how much they need this help, but I’m pretty sure the PM’s have more money and would be more willing and able to pay for coaching. I listened to Brooke coaching someone this week on being sure their niche is people who are willing and able to pay for coaching. Maybe that’s why I’m considering this more now.

Is two niches too many? I’d market one via Facebook and the other via Linked In and have separate web pages, etc. Should I establish one first and then the other? Me thinking that PM’s have the ability to pay is definitely an easier thought. Is that how I decide which to start with? I have had coaching organizations reach out and say they could really use a coach who is familiar with the IT world to work with their clients.

I would be sad to completely leave the Mom niche because man those moms are stressed and overwhelmed and facing burnout. I of course I could still offer them help informally on FB groups I’m part of. Aaargh, I’m confusing myself.