How can I have multiple niches/products? And more…

Yes, I printed the worksheet and I’m STUMPED AF about the two defining words.

Here’s why….

Our business solves health problems. We’re unique because we’re a Functional Dietitian + Lifestyle Coach team. ( Path specializes in optimal health, weight loss, food sensitivities, and gut health.

Each problem has it’s own unique path. AND then we have different services/processes. How we support weight problems is different than how we’d support someone with an auto-immune condition. We like doing both! We also have an online course that’s a 101 type class-I’d love it to take off but again…niche. We’ve never been more aware that we’re all over the fucking place. So many problems to solve and so many ways to do it.

Can I create a niche for each problem? For each product? Or is it just one niche across the board?

I think I need to know this before I find these two words.

Help me. Please.