Can my niche be something I haven’t personally done?

I love coaching millennial women who are creative entrepreneurs. As I have been listening to Double Your Business, I have been thinking more about how I can create a clear and well-defined niche. Brooke often mentions knowing where to find your people and narrowing down your niche for that very purpose.

So, I was thinking: where can I find ambitious, heart-centered, age 26-32 creative business owners who value investing in themselves/their business? I thought, what about targeting wedding photographers specifically?

Initially, I wanted to ask you if that is a ‘good’ niche, but I feel like I need to do the work myself to find that out. 😉 so, my question now is: can I create a niche that I myself have never done?

I’m not a photographer, I have never had a business in that. But I feel like it’s a great place to target and offer my services… Does it matter if I haven’t been there / done that?

Thank you in advance!