Can your Podcast be broader than your Niche

I want to start a Podcast that talks to women who are either close to 60 or already in their 60’s about “making 60 their best decade ever.” I was planning on addressing things that women my age are concerned about including, staying healthy, exercise, diet, money, retirement, encore career, sex, dating, etc. However, that is much too broad for my Niche. In the past I have worked with prediabetes and weight loss. I specialize in insulin resistance, a common problem with weight loss, and the real reason we don’t eat what we know we should, changing our thoughts. I am enrolled in Coach training in March, can’t get here fast enough, but I would like to launch my Podcast in January and a weight loss program.

After rambling my question is: do I need to narrow my Podcast to match my Niche?

thank you!