Canceling a Free Call With a Non-Ideal Client

How can I cancel when a non-ideal client books a free 30-minute sales / discovery / consultation call?

This non-ideal client came into my email list through Facebook ads for a webinar, joined my Facebook group, and booked a free consult.

I don’t want to spend this time speaking with this person because I don’t want to take her on as a client, but I do want to send her resources that better meet her where she’s at.

She’s demonstrated where she’s at through her posts in my Facebook group and in a personal message she sent me on Facebook. She’s sent ‘good morning’ stickers in messages. Her response to a post about self-care for emerging professional musicians was that she took a shower today. We’re in different places.

How can I cancel our call and send her to other resources with love so I can use my time more wisely?

My gut feeling is to either send her a FB message asking where she’s at or speak with her for 5-10 minutes, which may be the total amount of time spent going back and forth via a FB message. On one hand, I feel it’d be more with integrity to have the call since she booked it, but that could also be my co-dependent thinking that I’m looking to change. On the other hand, I can still give her value through a quick text and it doesn’t have to be a 5-10 minute exchange. I could just say I was thinking about her and wanted to get her some help now. Then, I’d be able to have my full time back on my calendar at the time when she’d booked the call.

Overall, I know my responsibility for this is to change my messaging to attract more ideal clients.