Canceling a service

For the last 15 years I have had a office in a medical building where I see 1.1 clients. Over the years, I saw less local 1.1 clients and more virtual clients all around the world.

Every time the office contract came up for renewal I would debate, do I need an in person office? I always kept it, but more as a comfort blanket for me as much as anything. The rent was low because I had been there for so long.

Anyway, with Covid 19, I have worked from home for 12 weeks. My business stayed consistent and I have decided to not renew in the contract when it ends at the end of year. Also I am not 100% that I could practice safe social distancing in the office.

In the mean time, I thought, since I am not using the office, I will cancel my internet service. When I phoned up the company, I was careful to press the right buttons to get through to the right person. After a 30 minute wait, I spoke to a person and they weren’t helpful. They were annoyed that I wanted cancel. They said I was in a 2 year contract and would have to pay $600 cancelation fee. They said they couldn’t cancel the service, someone would call me back. They took my cell phone number and I waited for the call and no one called me back.

That was 2 weeks ago. I haven’t called them back, because this situation has triggered me so much, I wanted to figure things out in my head first.

This is what is upsetting for me.

I am a soft spoken woman. I think a more forceful person would be able get the company to waive or reduce the $600.

I am not totally sure I was under a 2 year contract. I am usually pretty organized with those things, so its the sort of thing I would know. But since I wasn’t planning on leaving I could have agreed to it last time I phoned them in November. I can’t check, because we are still in lock down and so I can’t go to my office and look at the paperwork.

The fact that they didn’t call me back, feels like I don’t matter. Plus by them delaying calling, I will still be being billed for a service I am not using.

I don’t mind paying the rent for my office that I am not using, because the landlords have been nothing but good to me. But there is something about a big phone company that won’t lose anything if I stop using their service that feels different.

Thanks for your help.