Cancellation DRAMA

My brain is a total dick today and is offering me thoughts about all the reasons I suck at network marketing.  I’ve recently had quite a few cancellations this month – so my brain is very committed to this thought of being unworthy.

So my question is: what can I do if I’m having trouble choosing a new thought because my brain is doing a fucking fantastic job providing me allllll the evidence why I suck.

Ex: people are quitting because you couldn’t get them results.

If they were a happy customer, they would have renewed.

Remember all the people who ghosted you this week?

You’ve been doing this for years and have only helped people get to the first rank advancement, but not any further.

Why do you keep trying?  Why can’t you see the piles of evidence you just aren’t good at this?

C- customers/team members quit /don’t renew membership
T- I’m not a good leader & I’m not helping clients get the results they want .
F- defeated
A- inaction and indulge in disappointed, sadness, and self pity. Allow my thoughts to spin out of control.
R- recreate the same circumstance I’m currently complaining about. Ugh.

How can I make a change if I can’t find a better thought I even *somewhat* believe?  I know that sounds very “victim-y” – and I don’t want that; I’m just being honest.  I’m also judging myself on my inability to get my shit together.