I got an email from someone that had taken the payment plan option for my signature group coaching program.

She emailed to say she wanted to cancel and not make any further payments because the course was ‘too basic’ for her. She went on to say how she would hate to make payments for the rest of the year for a course that wouldn’t help her.
I was so mad when I got her email.
She has only been a member for 2 weeks, and went I went to look at how far she had got into the course, she barely had watched any of the course videos. And its a big course.
The program offers the course content and then lots of support to implement the content. She did come to one group call and heard how helpful the course had been to some of the members who had been in the program for a longer time. So I don’t know how she knows it won’t help her.
I did cancel her payment plan, so she won’t be charged any further payments.
However her email really made me feel angry. I know the course is good, and would have helped her a lot if she had given it a chance. Plus she was brand new to the topic, so her comments don’t even make sense.