Can’t Decide on Service

I have a business and generate most of my income from paid advertisements from my blog (free content). My impossible goal is 100k/year. The paid ads do not generate nearly this much, plus I would like to actually have something to sell to my audience aside from just free content.

The problem is that I cannot decide on a service. I have launched several products in the past and either didn’t believe in them enough to continue selling them – or they weren’t good – or a mix of the two. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself that the next product or service I offer is the “right” one. Basically, I’m indulging in a lot of confusion about what to sell and feel totally stuck in my business. I’ve been told by coaches in the past to just pick one and move on, but I want to launch something that has lasting power – something that I sell for a very long time – my “core offering.” Any help is appreciated!