Can’t Sleep

My title may not sound related to business but honestly I’ve had so much going on in my real estate business that I wake up many nights in a very anxious state. I’ve had this happen before when life was pulling me in many directions, but this is a new level of anxiety that I’ve never experienced before. During the day I’m calm and I get my stuff done no problem. Thanks to the recent focus on time management, I’ve been doing more and doing it better than ever before. (Thank you!🙏) I’ve heard you talk about the river of misery and maybe I am at that place where I’m really trying to uplevel my life and business and it’s a little scary? None of those sound like helpful thoughts but I honestly can’t seem to pinpoint what thoughts are making me so wakeful and stressed in the night. I’ve paid attention to the sensations in my body and I’ve noticed that my chest and throat are kind of tight and prickly and when it’s really bad the top of my thighs get really tense. My thoughts are just kind of jumbled and racing. Model goes something like this:

Model: C-Night waking 1-2 hours T-Not sure but mostly something about how to manage everything? Some version of things seems to be spinning out of control. F-anxiety A-write things down, try to sort it out or read something inspirational to calm my mind. Lean into the anxiety and try not to resist it. (I’ve never had much anxiety so this is interesting.) R-? Lack of sleep but during the day I feel fine. Idk, is this a problem? This is where I need some help… I want to manage my life so that I don’t wake up in the night feeling anxious/panicky but I’m not sure where the problem lies. I love my life and business is good, there’s just a lot to deal with at once. (Maybe that is the problem thought? Sorry, I’m up in the night trying to process this! 😊)