Can’t Stop Helping People for Free

I keep taking on free or very low paid “help” for interesting or worthy startups, then ignoring my planning digitization of my own training/consulting work. I see the avoidance. I see the fear of failure. I see the need to be needed and be the “Savior. ” I see the rewards of collaboration vs. plugging away solo with my VA. I see my dependence on external deadlines and outside pressure. I see my excuses about how mine may not be this or that. I see it makes NO financial sense since even shared equity in someone else’s biz that could go nowhere is meaningless. AND YET I keep saying YES!!

I realize it’s a way of NOT committing to my own biz. This has been a pattern but my 1:1 paid client work dropped off in a BIG way with covid, so this is becoming detrimental to my financial health. My husband flat-out asked me WTH I’m doing, why I’m not working on my own business and why giving so much time to others. I just felt like an idiot. The model hasn’t helped me with any of this in terms of action-taking.

What am I missing? : )