Capacity to Have Part 2

Thank you for your response. I had initially asked about ideas for reflection on capacity to have.
This covid time has proven to me that I have capacity to have $500 k – $600 K per year.
And I want to get to$1M – so I want to grow my capacity to have.
My key learnings from this time are that.
– That despite a revenue line collapsing because of covid (I had to postpone trainings so while I still have the cash it isn’t earned yet), I was able to pivot hard and cut expenses.
The feedback I received was my thinking of “despite a revenue line collapsing” is thinking that won’t grow my capacity to have. There are numbers and there is drama. I get that, but I still want to celebrate that I still was able to get to $500-$600 K even with the environmental changes – because of my thinking. My first thought when we shut down mid March was “Serve like I have never served before”, and the follow up was “I want to come out better than I went in” That was my whole MO. …. so I pivoted hard, and cut expenses and have a very different result financially. I fired and hired people added more team members and have explored finanical models that will produce $ 1M and $5 M (the next outcome).

Is it as simple as that?

These days I simply want to be around people who know that good can come out of this. I believe good can come out of this. As a result, Its having me rethink my life, how my kids are educated, and the experiences that they are having.

Again, is that the path toward an increased capacity to have?