Career Indecisiveness

I’m not sure if this an appropriate question for this group, but I am currently trying to figure out what I want to do as a career. I have several areas that I’m quite passionate about: animals, coaching/psychology, and health/nutrition. I’ve been thinking about tying these all in together because I am fascinated by nutrition for humans and animals as well as psychology for each as well. I have been pretty set on coaching because I believe in its power to help people create lasting change in their lives. I think that animals are some of the best life coaches and I want to share that with people.

My question is, how do I pick and where do I start? I’ve gone through the niche worksheet and I’m having a hard time narrowing much down. Some days I want to be a professional dog behavior and nutrition coach and not even coach people on themselves. Other days I think that I’m not meant to be a dog behavior/nutrition coach and I should stick with coaching people only. Then I have days where I see how I can be a life coach and run an animal rescue where I implement my nutrition and behavior knowledge of animals and show people what animals can teach us as part of my coaching program.

I’m quite up and down with my thoughts and feelings. Some days I’m confident and other days I’m completely overwhelmed and not confident in my ability to be great at any of these things.

Help, please?