Career moms Niche

Oh my!
So, I am currently aiming at career moms and time management. I also have a daughter with a cochlear hearing implant so I wanted to help those moms, too. I am an Occupational therapist so I could do this for clients with disabilities, as well.

I am struggling with the thought
T: I am all over the place and not getting clients. Actually, my thought is why can’t I figure this out? This should be done by now yadda
F: Doubt and frustration

Yes, this is a mixed model however my first thought can lead to me to
A: Ruminating
R: Do not take massive action

C: Niche
T: I can still figure it all out and help people or make offers
F: Slightly motivated
A: Make at least 2 offers a day
R: Move forward?

Any feedback?