“Catchup”: Overworking – Money. My ping pong brain game.

I have been working through the ‘money’ section along with being in the business strategy portion of the LCS (thank you very very much!!!) and I keep coming back to a cyclic pattern with my thoughts: overworking, money – a lot of scarcity thinking, but I know I have a lot of potential. Like I can crush it and just make my life what I have envisioned it.

I relate well with the limited capacity of working time/$ education that you provided and what a relief it is to hear someone say that there is a better way, but I have been overworking for so long (11 hour work days 4-5 days/week) to catch up that I am afraid I won’t recognize the balance that I crave and give myself permission to transition. I am so excited to be building my coaching business in stride with my physical therapy career and this past year I shifted to a subcontractor status in order to be in control of my time.

But then other worries have come up, what about heathcare insurance, I have to have a surgery in the next couple of weeks and will be out of work for 2 weeks (with no income, with the thought jump but a great time to finalize my business content) I need to get this brain in line in order to be ok with the thoughts with my upcoming transition. I come from a background if you aren’t working you don’t make money (I did weed this out from my belief system) and I keep battling this mindset as I know that I can be more efficient and get this life I want -giving greater value, more efficiently for a lot of people! Including ME. So exciting!!!

With the work I continue to get my thoughts ping ponging in my brain like an Olympic competition and intrinsically I realize this is ok because I am aware (phase 2) But I want to just grab the ping pong and halt the crazy cyclic nature of these bouncing thoughts. As I write this it is as if I am laughing at myself and these thoughts. I recognize the various emotions and this causes some stalling in my processes, but I have been breaking ground and feel awesome (little wins!!)

I feel I keep going back and forth for the same darn ping pong game (though downloads), do I just gently keep working on getting the thoughts uploaded and changed.