Categories of expenses for coaching business?

Let me start by declaring my profound admiration for what you are doing. You truly are a spectacular ‘example of what is possible.’ Holy smokes, I discovered you sometime in August and have been glued to both your podcasts, yes, the one on how to start a coaching business too. I’m launching my coaching business next month, January 2019 and I just joined SCS in December.

My question is this, you often talk about the goal of the first year of a coaching business being to break-even in terms of cash flow. So if you kill it and you earn $100K the first year you also spend $100K. Can you give me an outline of the categories for one’s expenses, that is, breakdown the $100K in expenses by what one might expect to spend money on and roughly how much for each category?

Many thanks and boy do I want to be around to watch you hit the $100 Million threshold, the ripple effect alone is going to be sonic.

Cheers from a brand new fan in Colorado,

Aaron Garland