Celebrating and continuing to get to work after the celebration!

Hi Brooke,
Celebration part: I wrote a few weeks ago with a model about how no one had signed up for my in-person online dating workshop here in Chicago. I read your response, as was thrilled that my models were “correct.” However, I took the rest of your response and made it mean that I didn’t need to continue working on promoting my in person event (you said something to the effect of — in person workshops are a difficult way to start out because people don’t know and trust you yet). I went to my fiance and explained what you’d said and he (who listens to you with me a lot) convinced me that actually what this meant is that I needed to double down on my promotions instead of “failing ahead of time.” So, I did. And guess what? I had 3 women come to my house for my workshop! And it was a blast and it was amazing! I felt so incredibly proud of myself (and grateful to my fiance) that I stuck with it and actually did it (without quitting ahead of time).
My question(s): Now that I accomplished this “epic fail”– my first one from the December homework, I am finding that I want to “rest” and haven’t been productive since Sunday (it is now Wednesday). It has been a busy time at work due to many teachers being out sick–I’ve chosen to sub a lot for the extra pay–but I have had a very hard time getting back to work on my next steps in my 25 epic fails for this quarter. My thoughts are “That was amazing but exhausting!” and other thoughts about being drained/tired after my workshop on Sunday…My plan is to blog consistently every single week, and then offer an online webinar. I offered the workshop participants one-on-one coaching, but haven’t had anyone sign up yet. I know I need to make many more offers of help to many more people…hence the blogging and webinar. Does this sound like I’m “getting” how to be an entrepreneur (I’ve listened to it twice so far)…
Thank you SO much for your amazing modelling of what’s possible!
p.s. I thought your most recent live coaching call was MIND BLOWING. You were ON–you seemed to understand each person and their experience/thoughts/beliefs in seconds! Shazam!