Celebrating more wins than just money wins

As I was running an evaluation on my business lately, (what worked, didn’t, what will I do differently), one thing that really stood out to me in the What’s not working section is: “Not receiving into my body and celebrating all the compliments I get about my impact and the value I’ve brought to someone’s life today.”

What do I mean by this? I’ve been getting SO MANY comments and Dm’s about how much of an impact I’m making, and I just don’t feel it in my body. My mind is almost like “well compliments don’t pay my bills. This isn’t money. I need a bit more money. When will my value convert to money already?”

My personal brand is currently bringing in income in 3 ways: a new life coaching business, a network marketing company, and being a Tik Tok influencer/content creator. I currently bring value to daily to people’s lives through mindset, vitality & health, & dance. I am so passionate about what I do! I want to read these compliments and actually believe what they’re saying. I want to read these comments and feel like “Wow .. I really am making an impact!!” I’ve gotten glimpes of this, but my hyper focus on money seems to be blocking me from feeling this (and ironically money)

Here is an unintentional model

C- Follower/fan comments: “I really needed to hear this .. you changed my whole perspective, thank you” (or some variation of this)
T- Compliments don’t pay my bills
F- numb .. maybe a hint of frustration?
A- Thank them in a half-assed way, keep working without celebrating myself, never give myself enough credit for the lives I am changing every single day, think something is going wrong because I’m not making more than $1000 a month total yet (just started going hard in my biz during quarantine)
R- In a way .. push money away? miss opportunities to develop a deeper relationship

What I’m doing matters. I am changing the lives of parents, teens, and so many others with my videos. Daily I get about 20+ comments or DM’s with so much gratitude and appreciation. I want to feel what they feel when they sent that. I’m being a bit selfish right now overthinking money. I started this journey so I can give to the world not so I could focus on taking, and yes I want to be wealthy through this work, but I don’t want the money to consume my mind anymore. I am going to try an intentional below!

C- follower comments “You made my day today!” or something like that
T- My mission is needed in this world. What I’m doing matters!
F- (I’ll be honest I feel a block here .. maybe I don’t believe this thought) but I guess: commitment/inspiration
A- continue reminding myself of my why, celebrate that I actually am making an impact, have more fun, think about money less
R- actually help more people and make more money

Tbh I feel slightly stuck with this one. I have a history of not being able to feel someone’s compliments in my body. Do you have any prompts or tools maybe I could use here?