Certification elsewhere / Certification with LCS?

Hi–I’m a certified Coach thru CTA. I love Brooke’s teaching. She’s the reason I pursued being a Coach. I work full-time at a day job, and have allowed my primitive brain to prevent me from moving forward quickly with my Coaching. I certified earlier in the year.

I’m 100% committed to making my Coaching business be successful–and have been working hard the past few weeks to build a website and am working on some Facebook ads and getting my services out to the world. I know I can help others with the skills I have learned in the classroom, the Podcast (from various coaches) and Scholars.

All that said, when I saw Brooke had opened up Certification, my mind immediately went to – ‘maybe I need to spend six months with Brooke, so I’m legit.’. I’m feeling very ‘less than’ suddenly. I’m trying to understand if this is just a clever way of buffering – or if this is something I should look closely at. Working full time I’m not sure I can juggle building a business, full time work, and school – so it feels like I’d be putting off moving forward for six months. And of course there is the financial impact on this. (Such drama in my head.)