Challenge With Describing What I Offer

I get amazing results working with my clients “healing” many of their challenges, physical or emotional. I use 3 different modalities–The Yuen Method ( an old Chinese Method, requiring only my focus), The Emotion Code where I find out what emotion is causing their pain and make a correction for that emotion. Last but not least EFT-tapping, which I can also teach my clients in order for them to use that method to help themselves. What the different methods accomplish is taking the negative emotions out of my clients’ energy fields. Since energy travels, I can do those corrections over the phone, internet and person to person. They don’t require touch.

One of my first clients was from Russia. She was unable to drive on the freeways, because she was terribly afraid of merging. Our 15 min. session took care of that. She wrote me a testimonial, mentioning that what I did changed her life. A neighbor who had not been able to walk for some time, took a walk after 1/2 hour session with me and the pain never came back, either during the walk and after. Another neighbor who had been limping for some time and was in pain had seen her doctor and her chiropractor. Her doctor administered a very painful injection and she was told she needed 6 more of those injections. She was desperate and accepted my offer to help her. After less than 1/2 hour of my corrections, she was able to walk without limping and the pain never returned.

Last week I offered my pedicurist a free phone session. She had several issues I worked with, but then I asked her, if she had any physical pain. She answered “yes, but I’m pretty pain tolerant!” The pain in her shoulder was about an 8 and since she is a yoga teacher, that was kind of a nuisance. I made some corrections and first she didn’t want to believe it, but then admitted that the pain was completely gone. It had been connected to an emotion about her Father’s death with cancer. Some of my clients can’t remember they ever had a problem by the time they leave me. That’s why I take notes to know what issues have been eliminated. Somebody completely stressed, like a 10 can be at peace within 10 min. One Mom of a man who was going to court for a DUI was unable to sleep. She met me at one of my tapping presentations and booked a session with me. After my corrections she was fine and at peace awaiting the court appearance.

A young Mother who had given birth a few months earlier, came to see me, because she needed to go back to work to earn money, but had no desire, will, or goal to do so. I worked with her for an hour. She was fine after that. Her Mother-in-law booked a session with me several weeks later. She told me that in the meantime her daughter-in-law had found a job with a 6 figure income (like she had before) and her daughter-in-law’s husband said, she was a different person after our session. Never heard from her again. So often one session is enough.

This work is really fulfilling for me and I know that there are many people who could use my help. I’m very passionate about helping people. I love to do this work and could do it all the time. I’m on Social Security and extra income would really help also. My challenge is that many people either don’t believe that I can do what I do or they get freaked out, because they don’t understand how energy works. My other challenge is that in California you cannot claim that you can help people heal unless you are a doctor or chiropractor or possibly a therapist, hypnotist? I’m not any of these. All I can say for myself, that I have meditated for many years and then studied and practiced the modalities I’m using now to help my clients feel better.
I would appreciate your input very much!
Thank You!