Changing 3-month 1:1 coaching to 6-month offer mind drama

I want to change my 3-month 1:1 coaching offer to 6-months but I’m unable to actually sign a client on for 6-months. They don’t want to commit to 6 months or the investment is “too expensive”. Then I find myself downselling to 3-months and 50% of the time it’s a yes, and 50% of the time it’s a no. I also had a client renew from 3-months to 6-months but then she backed out bc she couldn’t afford the investment.

How do I overcome this mental block?

C: Charge $6K for 6 months
T: It’s too expensive & too long and nobody is going to say yes
F: frustrated
A: not say price, not make offer, downsell offer to 3-months, nervous before consult
R: Disbelief in my offer

Intentional model:

C: Charge $6K for 6 months
T: ???
F: confident
A: Consults, make offers, ????
R: Sign client for $6K for 6 months