Changing and narrowing my niche.

I’ve been a LCS coach for just over 3 years. I currently market to women whose lives look great on the outside and they’re miserable on the inside. They buffer with one or more of the usual suspects: Food, wine, shopping, social media, etc. Working in a group coaching program 2 years ago, it took me several months to find my niche. Recently was advised by a coach to choose something that will stand out much more. Basically, she said my niche is too generic. I never fully connected with this niche anyway, and now that I have the foundation I know I can start over without the giant learning curve I 100% created for myself with my thinking!
I want to change my niche to help parents who want to stop arguing with (and yelling at) their kids. Whether the kids are 4, 24, or 44 the parents want to stop being angry and resentful, and they want to have amazing relationships.
1) Should it just be just one parent, like moms who…..? Or busy, overworked moms who…?
2) Should I narrow age group of the kids?
3) My clients would probably say they want to have a better relationship with their difficult children, or is this adding an unnecessary layer? My thinking is that parents of teenagers and adult children probably most often think their anger is justified since said children are so difficult.
Ahhh, this is why it took me months to narrow it down the first time!
I’m so grateful for Brooke’s work (and the rest of the coaching team). The past 3 1/2 years have completely transformed my life and relationships. I still do the work every single day, and I’m thrilled to take it to the next level in SCS and in my business for 2019. Thank you!